We have designed a special
pond for your Technics turntable

We love the Technics turntables, and therefore we have made a solution to integrate the turntable into your hifi furniture.

We have designed a special <br>pond for your Technics turntable</br>

Minimalism is our keyword, and therefore we keep trying to develop the clic range with new options and functions to make your sound set up and tv furniture even more elegant.

Now we introduce a completely new function that gives your Technics turntable its very own space in your hifi furniture. We call it Technics Pond.

By cutting a hole in the top of the furniture, we allow you to immerse the turntable so it aligns with the top of the furniture. It is also possible to let it show 12 mm at the top.

Of course, all cables can easily be stowed away through the pond and hidden behind the back plates inside the furniture.

Our Technics pond is the perfect finish for an elegant hifi furniture or vinyl shelf. We think the vinyl hole fits perfectly together with the pond, because we love idea of having your vinyl and your turntable placed together.

Read more about the new Technics Pond, and see exactly which turntable it fits here.