About clics Back plate

The clic furniture are fitted with a removable back plates that allows you to hide cables in the back of a furniture.
When we produce our furniture we use a special technique that allows a very precise finish and also adds the possibility to have a movable back plate.


The back plates are magnet mounted 5 cm from the back of the furniture and provides you with space for cable storage

Our furniture are 100% stable without the use of the back plate

Furthermore there is a cable hole in the top and bottom that makes it easy
to run cables from one piece of furniture to another

clic Back plate

The backplate are standard with pre made holes for cabling like it is shown on this photo. It can also be ordered without holes (with a small finger hole) and in both black and white.

It is easy to drill or cut additional holes in the back plate if needed.

clic Back plate

If you don’t wish to use the back plate it is easily removed through the front of the furniture.

If you choose to remove the back plate you gain 5 cm. in usable depth.

The back plates in the clic furniture are produced in foamed PVC.

clic Back plate

Furniture in white and light grey paint are fitted with white back plates.

Furniture in black and dark grey paint and oak and walnut veneer  are fitted with black back plates.

If you want a different configuration just make sure to make a note on this in your order.

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