We are not finished with
all the good news just yet

Now another addition to the clic range is arriving

We are not finished with <br>all the good news just yet</br>

Because 69 different clic models of course is not enough. Therefore, we add two new model sizes to the clic range.

Say hi to model 1540 and 1541. The two new models are in the same family as the two models we introduced last week – model 1530 and 1531. All four of them have one special thing in common: the completely new model height of 26 cm.

The difference is that model 1540 and 1541 is not only 152,2 cm wide but 202 cm wide. The models have three rooms with a shelf in each and of course our back plate. The back plate is easily removed if you wish to use the whole depth of the furniture.

Maybe those extra 50 cm is what finally makes the perfect tv furniture for your living room? If not, you should take a look at the rest of our models here. Remember, it is also possible to combine several clic models – either by placing them beside each other or by stacking them with our magnet feet.

Like the rest of the clic models, model 1540 and 1541 are developed, produced and handmade in Denmark.

Read more about model 1540 here and model 1541 here.