Model 12S (W: 102.4 cm)

Model 12S has one or two rooms depending on how you choose to use the furniture.
You can use the full width of the furniture as a Soundbar solution or you can use the furniture as two departments for other products.
The furniture has two back plates.
The furniture can be open or fitted with one big fabric or wooden door. The door on this model opens downwards.
Model 12S can’t be fitted with drawers.


Model 12S has one cable hole center in the top plate and one cable hole in the bottom of the furniture
Model 12S can also be ordered with extra cable holes – or without cable holes – in the top plate. Read more about cable holes here
The back plates are fitted 5 cm. from the back of the furniture. They are fitted with magnets and are removable
The back plates has cable holes, but can also be ordered without. Learn more here
Model 12S can’t be fitted on alu stands or wheels. This model is made for wall mounting only.

Outer measurements

H: 205mm W: 1024mm D: 265mm

*Measurements when using model 12S as a sound bar solution

Inner measurements pr. open room

H: 162mm W: 482mm W: 980mm*
D: 205mm D: 168mm*
Without back plate D: 254mm

Inner measurements pr. room with door

H: 162mm W: 482mm W: 980mm*
D: 183,5mm D: 152mm*
Without back plate D: 238mm


All clic models, wood doors and drawers are available in the following paint and veneer quality’s:

White, black, grey and light grey paint
Oak and walnut veneer

Our fabric doors are available in 2 series and a total of 16 colours.

Melange: coal, concrete, frost, coffee and latte.

Basic: dusty blue, grey, dark blue, olivegreen, brown, beige, white, silver, black, bordeaux and red.

We use a polyurethane paint on all items. This type of paint is both hard wearing and colorfast.

After the furniture is assembled, we paint it by hand for a perfect finish and sharp edges.


All design, development and production of the clic furniture are based in Denmark
and all our furniture are made by hand.

All our materials are sourced in Denmark and we handpick all our subcontractors.

When we produce a clic furniture, we use a special technique that allows a stable frame without the use of a fixed back panel.

Our furniture are constructed to provide optimal strength and to hold a high amount of weight regardless if you place them on the floor on stands or mount them on the wall.

All our furniture undergo a thoroughly quality check before they leave our production.

Our functions

clic is a well thought out combination of hifi and exclusive Danish furniture design. The furniture allows you to hide cables, speakers, sub woofers, gaming consoles, projectors and everything else that disturbs the eye – and make it a part of a stylish setup – without compromising the great sound and design.
Our many functions, described on this page, make all this possible.

Fabric doors

Fabric doors

Our fabric doors are available in 2 series and a total of 16 colours

1. coal 2. concrete 3. frost 4. coffee 5. latte

6. dusty blue 7. grey 8. dark blue 9. olive green 10. brown 11. beige 12. white 13. silver 14. black 15. bordeaux 16. red

To read more about our fabric doors click here.


The clic furniture are fitted with a movable back plate that allows you to hide cables in the back of a furniture.

When we produce the clic furniture we use a special technic that allows a very precise finish and also adds the possibility to have a movable back plate.

The back panels are magnet mounted 5 cm from the back of the furniture. Furthermore the clic furniture has an elegant cable opening in the top and bottom that makes it easy to run cables from one piece of furniture to another.

Alu covers

clic’s special designed cable cover plates allows an elegant solution for cabling from the furniture. The cable cover plates are produced in aluminum or brass.

There are 5 types of cable cover plates and they fit in all clic models.

All cable cover plates are available in silver, black or brass and are engraved with a discreet clic logo.

Alu stands

All clic models can be placed on the floor on the special made clic alu stands.

Each stands are machined out of one piece of aluminum.

You only need one set of alu stands for a clic furniture. If your clic model requires support stands, they will follow your order.

All clic alu stands have adjustable feet to regulate the height. They are available in silver and black.

Wall bracket

With a clic wall bracket, you can mount you furniture on the wall.

Our wall bracket allows you to mount your furniture tight up against the wall. They can be adjusted in level and pulls the furniture tight to the wall.

With the adjustment possibilities, we insure that your clic furniture are safely mounted on the wall.

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