How do I run cables in and out of the furniture?

You choose how many cable cover plates you need in your furniture

How do I run cables in and out of the furniture?

In all our furniture, we have made it possible to run cables and wires in and out of the furniture via cable holes in the top plate. Never has it been that simple to run cables.

All clic furniture has as a standard one cable hole, but if you need more just let us know in your order. Maybe you need to run cables to a flatscreen, a turntable or a lamp? If you want our ventilation system, remember it also needs a cable hole.

A cable hole will always be placed centeret above a room in a furniture. We have 4 different cable cover plates, and they all come in black, silver or gold. You can see them here.

Furthermore, all clic models have a cable hole centered in the bottom of the furniture, so cables and wires are easily hidden.

In furniture with several rooms, it is possible to run cables from room to room behind the back plates. All models are as a standard mounted with back plates. The plates are mounted with magnets, which make it easily removable.

Be aware that the back plates take up 5 cm of the total depth. Therefore, it is important to measure your gear before ordering your furniture.

Read more about our back plates here.