Do I need ventilation in my furniture?

With a ventilation system in your tv furniture you do not have to worry about your gear getting overheated

Do I need ventilation in my furniture?

Maybe you do not need a ventilation solution in your furniture. It depends on what you expect to use it for.

PlayStation, Xbox and other consolers can get really warm. If you have a product like these hidden behind a door in your furniture, a ventilation system might be relevant for you. Also even though it is a fabric door.

Our ventilation solution is very small. It measures 13 x 15 cm and is mounted right under the top plate of the furniture. It starts up automatically at 30 degrees and turns off by itself when the temperature has dropped.

Be aware that the ventilation system needs a cable hole in the top of the furniture. Therefore, it is important to consider how many cable holes you need.

Are you not sure whether you need ventilation in your furniture or not, feel free to give us a call.

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