A solution for your cable chaos

Know the problem of elegantly running cables from your tv and speakers? With cable holes and back plates clic has the solution.

A solution for your cable chaos

At clic, we understand the importance of aesthetics and functionality. That’s why we’ve designed our furniture with unique features that cater to both.

Cable holes for seamless connectivity: Our furniture boasts smart cable holes at the top and bottom, allowing for neat and concealed cable management. Say goodbye to unsightly cables running amok.

– Elegant cable cover plates: The cable holes are not just practical; they’re also elegant. Our cable cover plates add a touch of sophistication, ensuring your setup looks as good as it sounds.

– Beautiful inside and out with back plates: With our back plates, your furniture looks stunning both inside and out. No more peeking at tangled cables when you open those doors. It’s all about a clean, minimalist look.

For a complete set up, we recommend having a power outlet conveniently placed behind the furniture. This means no more hassle of running cables from the furniture to different parts of the room.