Which speaker should I choose
for my clic furniture?

clis is not a tv table with integrated speakers. Instead you have the freedom to choose your favorite speaker to your set up.

Which speaker should I choose <br>for my clic furniture?</br>

Most speakers are made for your eyes and not your ears. With a hifi furniture from clic you don’t need to think about the look of your speakers. Our fabric doors give you the possibility to hide your speakers, so you can concentrate on finding the best sound.

Here at clic we especially like speakers from Lyngdorf, Genelec, Naim Audio, Sonos and Dali, but there are a lot of great brands on the market.

Pay attention to the size of your speaker and make sure it fits the size of your furniture. You should add at least 5 cm to the depth of your speaker or amplifier to have space for cables.

You can also get an extra 5 cm in the total depth if you demount the back plates. So if you want a furniture in a specific depth but is a few cm short, you can choose to use your furniture without the back plate. Furthermore, if you choose to have a door in one of the rooms in the furniture, it will take up 3 cm of the depth.

We would love to help you finding the right equipment for you. Feel free to reach out to us on phone or e-mail.