We are always here to help you

Dear customer. Can we help you with anything?

We are always here to help you

We know it can be confusing with the many options you have when ordering a clic furniture. You have to choose the size, choose between wooden or fabric doors, drawers or shelves, consider how many cabel cover plates you need and whether you want it wall mounted or standing on the floor and much, much more.

The options are endless, but that is exactly what makes clic so special. The many possibilities is only in your advantage. That is how you get a furniture that fits your specific needs and preferences.

Our furniture is made to order in Denmark. That means the furniture is not made before you give your order, which is why it is possible for you to get a tailored furniture.

Do you think it is difficult to make your choices, or are you not sure what you need? Do you need help or advice ordering your hifi furniture, tv table or vinyl case? Feel free to call us. We are always available on the phone or e-mail.

Call or write us directly at +45 8699 7400 or info@clic.dk, then Mia or Mike will answer your questions.

Remember, we also have a showroom in Aarhus, Denmark, and we love visitors. Here we have all models and all 16 colors of fabric doors exhibited, and you can see examples of clic as floating tv furniture, as storage for your vinyls and as a hifi furniture with fabric doors. Call us, and we will arrange a time for you to visit.