How to clean your clic furniture carefully

Greasy fingers, coffee stains and dust. That is everyday life in most homes. However, how do you clean your furniture in the most careful and gentle way?

How to clean your clic furniture carefully

Luckily, all clic furniture are painted with a polyurethane lacquer, which is the strongest paint we can possibly use. It is very durable and it resists the suns UV rays better than other types of paint. This also includes the veneered furniture in oak and walnut, which are painted with a matte lacquer.

To protect your furniture, we recommend cleaning your furniture gently. Use hot water and regular cleaning products, and always finish with a dry cloth. Avoid using sponges, as they will make scratches in the paint. Instead, the best solution is to use a microfiber cloth.

You should not use any acid based cleaning products or products containing wax.

The same apply for the fabric doors.

The fabric on the fabric doors is impregnated from the factory. However, if you happen to make stains on them anyways, use a damp cloth. Be careful not to press too hard on the fabric.

Are the fabric doors dusty, use a vacuum cleaner and lightly vacuum the doors to remove the dust.