How much can your wall mounted
clic furniture actually carry?

Many people wants a floating tv furniture because it makes the room look bigger. But how much can the hanging tv table actually carry?

How much can your wall mounted<br> clic furniture actually carry?

 This is a question we are often asked. The answer is: a lot!

You can fill up the shelves with your vinyls, if you want vinyl ccase. You can also fill up the shelves with binders or books without problems. Put your games and DVDs in the drawers, hide your speakers behind the fabric doors and have your turntable on top – all of this and much more at the same time.

Our wall brackets are very stabil and you do not have to worry about whether your furniture can fall of or be lifted of by accident. Therefore, even though your tv furniture is wall mounted you can still easily use it as a tv table and vinyl storage at the same time.

However, if you still fill uncertain, feel free to call us at +45 8699 7400 or write us at and we will help you.

Several of our dealers provide mounting of your floating clic furniture. Ask your local clic dealer if they can help you. If you are mounting your furniture yourself we recommend you find out which screws and plugs you need for your wall before you begin. The screws and plugs are not a part of your order.

Remember to check which wall brackets fits your furniture. The information is avaiable here or by asking your dealer.