About clics Wall bracket

Get an elegant and floating solution with a wall mounted furniture.
All clic models can be mounted on the wall with our special designed wall brackets.


With our wall brackets you ensure that your furniture is tightened securely on your wall and the furniture can be leveled and adjusted in two levels

The furniture can't fall of, or be lifted of the wall, unless you loosen the brackets

clic Wall bracket

Wall bracket 1 fits:
110, 111, 210, 210 Large, 211, 211 Large, 212, 212 Large, 212AV, 310, 310 Large, 311, 311 Large, 312, 312 Large, 312AV, 220 Center, 221 Center, 222 Center, 410.

Wall bracket 2 fits:
12S, 120, 120S, 121, 121S, Desktop,220-2, 221-2, 222-2, 420.

Wall bracket 3 fits:
13S, 23, 130, 130S, 131, 131S, 1530, 1531, 230, 230S, 231, 231S, 232, 232S, 430.

Wall bracket 4 fits:
14S Left, 14S Right, 24, 140, 140 Center, 140S Left, 140S Right, 141, 141 Center, 141S Left, 141S Right, 1540, 1541, 240, 240 Center, 240 Large, 240S Left, 240S Right, 241, 241 Center, 241 Large, 241S Left, 241S Right, 242, 242 Center, 242 Large, 242S Left, 242S Right.

clic Wall bracket

Here we show 1 model 130 in white with 2 black fabric doors and 1 white wood door mounted on the wall.

Screws and raw plugs is not included.

The reason for this is that we don’t know what type of wall the furniture is mounted on. Screws and plugs variate a lot from the different type of walls.

We recommend you find out what screws and plugs you need for your wall before you begin mounting your furniture.

clic Wall bracket

Several of our dealers offer to mount your clic furniture.

Please ask your local clic dealer if they can provide this service.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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