About clics Fireplace

Do you miss a fireplace? And is the warmth from the candle lights not enough?
Then you can choose the warm and cosy feeling with a bioethanol fireplace.
The fireplace is placed directly in the top of our furniture.


If you choose a clic model with several rooms, you simply choose above what room you wish to fit the fireplace

The glass plate in front of the flames is mounted with magnets and can easily be taken off

clic Fireplace

If you order a clic furniture with a fireplace unit you will receive a furniture with a hole in the top plate. You simply lower the fireplace into place and you’re off.

The fireplace takes up 5,2 cm of the furniture below the top plate.

It is not possible to place drawers below the fireplace.

clic Fireplace

Important information:

You can’t have your TV placed above the fireplace. You can’t place other heat-emitting electronic products in the same room as the fireplace.

The fireplace is produced in polished stainless steel.

Glass plate is included.

Bioethanol is not included.

clic Fireplace

The fireplace can’t be ordered for:

Furniture in 26,5 cm depth.
Model 220 center, 221 center, 222 center, 240 center, 241 center, 242 center.
All S rooms.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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