About clics Magnet feet

If you wish to stack your clic furniture on top of each other we recommend you use our special designed magnet feet.
By using our magnet feet you get an elegant solution with 7 mm of air between the stacked furniture.


All clic models have a hidden piece of metal built in the top plate. The magnet feet you screw into the bottom
of the top furniture will meet the hidden piece of metal when you stack the furniture

This solution makes it possible to combine and built your clic setup after your needs

clic Magnet feet

You need this amount of feet depending on the width of your furniture:

Use 4 pcs for 1 room furniture.
Use 6 pcs for 2 room furniture.
Use 8 pcs for 3 room furniture.
Use 10 pcs for 4 room furniture.


clic Magnet feet

Here we show two model 210 in white stacked on top of each other with silver magnet feet.

The clic magnet feet are produced in aluminum and fitted with a powerful neodymium magnet.

Magnet feet are available in silver and black.

clic Magnet feet

All clic furniture can be stacked by using magnet feet with the exception of furniture placed on wheels.

If you choose to stack furniture and the lowest furniture is wall mounted, we recommend that you wall mount all furniture upwards.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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