About clics Drawers

If you need drawers in your furniture to store your Blue Ray collection or anything else, you can order drawers in 3 of our 4 furniture depths.
We have designed a drawer that pulls out all the way and can hold a lot of weight.


The drawers are divided with 2 metal sticks

The 2 metal sticks can be arranged after your need and can be used to store 3 rows of cd's or 2 rows of Blue Ray/dvd's
or they can be removed completely if you want to use the drawers for something else

Furniture with drawers are not fitted with backplates

clic Drawers

The drawer is folded around a metal bottom that gives the drawer extra strength.

You can fit this number of CD’s and Blue Ray / DVD movies in our different furniture depths:

26,5 cm. depth: Can’t be fitted with drawers.
37,5 cm depth: approx. 92 Cd’s and 62 Blue Ray / DVD movies.
45,5 cm. depth: approx. 96  Cd’s and 66 Blue Ray / DVD movies.
55 cm. depth: approx. 96 Cd’s and 66 Blue Ray / DVD movies.

clic Drawers

Here we show 1 model 221-2 in white with 2 drawers mounted in each room.

Behind the drawers is space to store extra cable if needed.

Furniture depth 26,5 cm can’t be fitted with drawers.
Furniture depth 37,5 has 48mm space behind the drawers.
Furniture depth 45,5 has 80mm space behind the drawers.
Furniture depth 55 has 172mm space behind the drawers.

clic Drawers

Wood drawers are available in the following paint and veneer quality’s:

White, black, grey and light grey paint.
Oak and walnut veneer.

After installation you can adjust the drawers so they are mounted precisely in the furniture. Adjustment may be needed after adding weight to the drawers.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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