About clics Charger

Store and charge your iPhone directly in the top of a clic furniture with a clic charger.
Easy done and elegant, and the cable is hidden inside the furniture.
The clic charger consist of a special produced plastic block that will be attached to the aluminum cover in the furniture.


The charger is tightened to the furniture so it is easy to place or remove your iPhone

The aluminum cover in the charger has a special carving to fit the different items

The covers are made so the item is supported on the back

clic Charger

Remember when you order your clic furniture to decide how many cable holes you need.

It may be important in regards to which models you should order.

clic Charger

Here we show a clic charger for iPhone 5 in two model 231 in white mounted on the wall with six black fabric doors.

The clic iPhone charger fits iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8.

clic Charger

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A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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