About clics Alu stands 3

For an elegant floor standing solution you can choose to place your furniture on clic alu stands 3.
Most of our clic models can be ordered with alu stands 3.


One set of alu stands 3 consists of 2 frames machined out of one piece of aluminum

All clic alu stands have adjustable feet to ensure the correct height

clic Alu stands 3

Alu stands 3 are 19 cm. high.

You need 1 set of alu stands no matter what clic model you choose.

Depending on the width of your furniture, one, two or three support stands will follow your order. The support stands are placed under the middle bars on the furniture.

If you want a solution without support stands you can buy our alu stands support.

clic Alu stands 3

If you want to upgrade your solution on alu stands 3 you can buy our alu stands support.

On the photo at the top of this page you see a model 242 mounted on alu stands 3 but without the use of support stands. Instead we have used our alu stands support.

The alu stands support is mounted under the bottom of the furniture and will prevent the furniture from bending when placing weight inside and on top of the furniture. The alu stands support can be adjusted depending on the amount of weight placed inside and on top of the furniture.

clic Alu stands 3

clic alu stands 3 are produced in aluminum.

Alu stands 3 are are available in silver and black.

You can’t order alu stands 3 for the following models:
Furniture in 26,5 cm depth.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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