Do you need a furniture for vinyl storage?

clic gives you the possibilities of a vinyl furniture with space enough for hundreds of vinyl records.

Do you need a furniture for vinyl storage?

It started with one. Then two. Suddenly you had 10, and now the collection is too big for that little corner of the living room.

How about moving your vinyl storage into the center of the room, and at the same time get a storage solution which is both elegant and minimlistic?

Our vinyl hole is a great option for vinyl storage. In the vinyl hole, you can store between 60-90 vinyls depending on the depth of the furniture. We recommend placing your turntable on the same furniture so you have your vinyls where you need them.

If your collecting is even bigger, we of course have another solution for you.

Did you know that clic has the perfect depth and height for vinyl storage? Whether you have a smaller vinyl collection or need a whole shelving system, we can solve it with clic.

With 45,5 cm or 55 cm depth you can get a vinyl furniture with space enough for cables behind the back panels. Depth 37,5 cm is also suitable for vinyl storage if you just remove the back panels.

By combining several clic models, you can create your own personal vinyl case. And of course, you decide if you want to look at your vinyls or hide them between the wooden or fabric doors in your new vinyl furniture.

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