Choose fabric doors for an elegant set up

Did you consider whether you need fabric doors with your clic furniture?

Choose fabric doors for an elegant set up

When you are about to order your clic furniture, you need to consider whether you want fabric doors og wood doors. A hifi furniture with fabric doors is a great solution for the one who does not want to compromise with the sound quality but still wants an elegant set up. The fabric doors are developed to hide your speakers behind them.

The fabric is not see through. However, it is still thin enough to play music through it completely without affecting the sound quality. It is even possible to control your sound system with a remote without opening the doors. Easy and elegant.

The construction of the doors makes it look really nice on the inside as well as on the outside. When ordering your clic furniture you need to choose if the door should open to the right, to the leff or downwards.

Furthermore, the fabric doors give you the possibility to make your tv furniture even more unique. Why? Because we have 16 different colors to choose from. For example, you could combine a light grey furniture with dark green fabric doors, og how about a walnut furniture with bordeaux doors.

On the picture above, you see an example of a black clic furniture used as a wall-mounted tv table with fabric doors in the color Latte. Furthermore, the model has a vinyl hole.

Our fabric doors are compatible with all clic models except the Desktop model.

Are you looking for a more robust furniture, or are you imagining placing objects behind the doors that you expect to use every day, we recommend choosing wooden doors instead.

Read more about our fabric doors here and the wood doors here.