Alternative ways to use clic

clics versatility extends far beyond the realm of the hifi world

Alternative ways to use clic

Think clic is only for hifi enthusiasts and hifi stores? Don’t let the tech vibe fool you.

So – what to use clic for if not for a sound setup?

Workspace: Experience the joy of a tidy workspace, free from visible cables from your projector, speakers, microphones, chargers, webcams and so on.

Projector: With our projector drawer you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up your projector in the correct height and distance. A short throw projector and a projector drawer in you clic furniture is all you need for a minimaslistic konference room.

Binders: If you need an elegant solution for your binders, we have the answer. A wide range of the clic models have the right size for storing binders.

Home office: Our Desktop model is the perfect option for a minimalistic and discreet home office setup. Just close the door, when you are finished for the day and easily convert your workspace to your livingspace.

Books: clic models are made to hold a lot of weight due to our very special construction technic. So fill up the furniture with books or other heavy objects without worrying about the weight.

Your precise needs are taken care off at clic. Just get in touch and we’ll find a solution for you!